Wildlife Board Game Kaadoo - The Big Game

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Wildlife Board Game Kaddoo is a nature and wildlife themed board game. It has been conceived by wildlife enthusiasts with the objective of combining education and entertainment of the wonders of wildlife.  

Diinesh Kumble is the Chief Creator of Kaadoo. 

As of now, two editions of Kaadoo covering the Nilgiri Biosphere and the East African Savannah are available in the market. The next two editions covering Central India (branded Tiger Trail) and Western India (branded Lions' Bastion) are due for release by July 31st. 12 more editions covering the Arctic, Antarctic, Amazon, Eastern India, Himalayan foothills, Australia, Madagascar. Oceans of the World are due for release before March 2017. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. We do not provide CoD. 
2. This product cannot be returned. 

How to Play Kaadoo?

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