Waterproof Camera Pouch for Holi Festival

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What can be a photographer’s dream can also be a nightmare! Shooting during the festive season of Holi in India gives sleepless nights to many a photographers as well as camera lens rental companies that give out equipment for Holi!

After all, colour run is considered as one of the biggest enemies of camera equipment. But, what fun would it be to be able to enjoy Holi as well as capture some colourful moments?

Worry not, this waterproof camera pouch for Holi comes to your rescue.

Product Features:

  • Airtight sealing ensures that water does not seep in
  • Made of soft transparent material so that you can see through the viewfinder as well as check the manual controls
  • Waterproof Camera Pouch for Holi is compatible with most brands of SLRs such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Olympus and Fuji.
  • Suitable for lenses upto 80 mm only
  • We would suggest you to use auto focus while using the waterproof cover
  • Does not influence the photography effects
  • Comes with a neck strap to make it easy to carry
  • Neck strap is easily detachable

Ps: Since there is a fine film over the lens area also, it might reduce the image quality. 

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