Olive Green T Shirt for Outdoors

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Olive Green T Shirt for Outdoors will be that one piece of clothing you will not leave your house without from now on. 

Made of 100% breathable cotton, this t-shirt is very comfortable to wear. Our research team has put in a lot of effort to ensure that we bring the best to you. 

  • Full sleeves to protect you from mosquitoes
  • Cotton has a quality of protecting you from the harsh sun rays as well as shielding you against cold weather conditions 
  • Earthy olive green to ensure that you blend well with the environs

You can wear this a sleeveless jacket on top of this Olive Green T Shirt for that smart and classy look. 

Choose your Size!

The best part is, we do not measure you in templates. These are all made-to-measure and we cater to plus sizes as well. Just place your order and share your sizing details with us. We take 10 days to deliver the order to you after pre-orders are closed. 

Fabric Details:

  • 100% cotton so that you can breathe free in the open
  • Sweat-absorbing qualities
  • Double seam stitching for good quality finish 

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