Nature Lounge's Nature Bag

Rs. 13,797.00

What is this Nature Bag? 

This Nature Bag contains curated products for your wildlife expeditions. The products have been handpicked and selected by the top wildlife photographers across the globe. 

What do you get every month?

  1. A new and different photography/wildlife/nature watching product in premium prints
  2. A new and different travel book every month that is trending and has great reviews
  3. Discount coupon codes from your favourite tour leaders for their next trip
  4. Discounts to your favourite hotels in the wild
  5. Travel snacks
  6. Travel toiletries 
  7. A surprise gift every month

All of this comes in a durable eco-friendly bag that is reusable.

What if you already own one of those products? 

No one wants to accumulate duplicate things! You will get an option to choose from the supplies that we send across. 

When does this start? 

All new subscribers will start getting their Nature Bags from January 2020 onwards. However, there is a surprise New Year gift bag that you will get before that. So, your first Nature Bag will knock your door in December 2019. 


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