Men's Camouflage Shorts

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Men's Camouflage Shorts are utility outdoor clothing that can be classified under the “must have” category.

Key Highlights

  • Made out of cotton blend material.
  • Easy on maintenance, fast prints.
  • Camouflage Cargo Shorts have six pockets.
  • Can double up as casual camouflage clothing apart from being an outdoor wear.

Why should I Use Men's Camouflage Shorts? 

When you are out in the natural environs like jungles, woodlands or engage in activities such as jungle safaris, hiking, bird watching or if you are an environmentalist studying different aspects of the nature, it is always advisable to blend with the surroundings so that you do not disturb the ecosystem around you. Dressing in camouflage clothing according to your environment is utmost important for your safety as well.

Where can I use Men's Camouflage Shorts? 

You can wear them to your outings such as jungle safaris, bird watching or camping. They are also apt for a casual day out. Team them with your favourite T-Shirt and be ready to impress.


Size Recommendations

Size Waist size range (Inches)
Small 30-32
Medium 32-34
Large 34-36


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