Macro Focusing Rails

by CDA
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Macro Focusing Rails by CDA Product allow you to change the focus point and make smooth adjustments that are as precise as a fraction of a millimeter without moving the tripod or head. These are particularly useful in macro photography and product photography where the depth of field is small and freehand focusing is not easy. 


Key Highlights

  • Accuracy: Macro Focusing Rails provide for movements ranging from full length of 100mm to 0.05mm
  • Four Directional: Equipped with two rails, it allows for forward–backward and right–left movements
  • Continuous Movements: You can move the camera in the desired direction and specified distance smoothly, thus avoiding any jerks
  • Usage: Attach your tripod/head to the Macro base plate fitted with 1/4-20UNC screw
  • Suitability: Can be used for DSLRs or Digital Cameras with standard ¼ inch screw hole
  • Easy Handling: Knobs attached to the rails help in manoeuvring the camera to shift focus
  • Revolution Details: One full revolution of the knob results in a movement of 1mm
  • Precise Graduations: Each Knob further provides 20 graduations of 0.05 mm each
  • Universal mount: Suits any tripod head QR (Quick Release) plate
  • QR Mechanism: Comes with a free QR attachment. You are not required to purchase the plate additionally


(LxWxH): 8 in x 8 in x 2.5in

Weight: 480 gms

Travel Length: Standard travel of 100 mm from end-to-end

Manufacturing Details:

  • Rails are aligned at 90 degrees to each other
  • Macro base plate (that connects camera body to the tripod/head) is fitted with a 1/4-20UNC free runner helicoil insert
  • Aluminium body and stainless steel knobs make it strong and durable
  • Precision guaranteed for accurate movements
  • Knobs are also machined for precision

This model (MK-2) of Macro Focusing Rails  comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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