Lens Cap Strap (set of 5)

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Every photographer has at least once misplaced the cap of the lens. We understand, it is nothing short of a nightmare to have a lens without the protective cap. Lay your hands on this lens cap strap today! 

Key Highlights 

  • Made of elastic to fit any size of a lens.
  • Attaches to the lens cap with the adhesive disc.
  • Apt for interchangeable lens cameras.
  • Why do I need a Lens Cap Strap? 

    Here we have a small, inexpensive yet utility solution for this problem. The Camera Lens Cap keeper –that attaches the lens cap leash with the camera lens barrel. Doesn’t it sound perfect? Not yet! Until you own one yourself. The Camera Lens Cap keeper is a very small and tiny product. But, we found it to be one of the most useful products. All of us know the camera lens cap is essential to protect the lens from any scratches, scrapes, dust, rain and many other unforeseen things. And, we also know that the camera lens cap is the best way to protect it. However, how many times have you lost concentration just because you thought that you have misplaced the camera lens cap? Or, how many of you have actually misplaced the lens cap? Followed by hours of wondering where to buy another lens cap from! Forget these worries and concentrate only on clicking images. For, we bring to you this Camera Lens Cap Keeper. It comes with a self adhesive disc that can be attached to the lens cap. This is connected to a thin elastic strap. Simply wrap your lens barrel with this strap. So now, even if you remove the lens cap, it will hang around, literally! Given the small string, it will not interfere with your work or shoot. The next time you cannot find your lens cap, just know that it is hanging just below the lens barrel! Happy shooting!  

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