Green Camouflage Netting

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Use this Green Camouflage Netting to conceal yourself and your equipment in the natural environs. It will break your silhouette and help you merge with the naturals.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to carry and lightweight.
  • Natural Jungle camouflage print.
  • Highly portable.
  • Durable, however, we advise you not to wash it in a machine.
  • Leafcut design with a tough net backing.
  • Can also be used as a throw over net on your jungle safari vehicles.


Size Variations
  • 2 meters * 3 meters
  • 1 meter * 2 meter
Weight: 800 gms.

Why should I use Green Camouflage Netting?

You can sit all day long out there in the fields without being noticed by the birds or the other harmless but shy creations of the nature. Good Luck for your bird photography, bird watching or simply photography in the jungles.

Sitting out in the field with equipment can make you feel “naked”. The big question playing on your mind “am I really hidden?” is not only yours. Most of us who venture out for birding or bird photography have similar questions and more worries such as “isn’t that kingfisher staring at me?” or “am sure this wild dog has spotted me!”.

Sure thing, you must have thought about building a hide/tent/blind yourself for your “jungle/natural” activities. But, how many of us are successful in that? Sorry to say but most such raw materials are not easy to procure. Moreover, you cannot carry heavy and cumbersome accessories to the field.

How should I use Green Camouflage Netting?

Why waste time worrying over how to get a closer view of your favourite bird or get an extreme close up shots? Order this Green Camouflage Netting that will help you merge with the greener pastures of the environment and allow you to stay longer among the harmless animals and birds without disturbing them. Throw over the net over your equipment as well to ensure that you are completely hidden.

This portable and easy to carry camouflage net will be your best friend out there in the field from now on.

A small tip, you can throw this over your jeep/car as well.

Where can I use this?

  • Jungle Safaris
  • Birding

Recommendation: If you are looking for covering yourself in the field outing, consider the size of 2 meters by 3 meters as it will give you enough working space to move while keeping yourself completely camouflaged.

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