Double Camera Shoulder Strap (with extra support)

Regular price Rs. 1,499.00

Let your photography be an eye opener and not a neck breaker! Buy the Double Camera Shoulder Strap. 

Key Highlights

  • Strong and secure fastening for all SLRs
  • Lightweight, soft, wide and anti-slip design
  • High load bearing connector and fastener
  • Large cushion support on shoulder pad for extra comfort
  • Goes across your shoulder and not neck
  • Provides easy camera access
  • Connects to camera with tripod socket
  • Adjustable strap for all human heights
  • Allows cross-body sling shooting
  • Maximum load: About 2kg

Grab this ergonomically designed camera sling shoulder strap for single camera body. It reduces tension from around your neck. Check out the single camera shoulder strap.