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Pick up this Camouflage Digital Photography Jacket that can be used by photographers, travellers and adventurers alike.

Key Highlights

  • It has a total of nine pockets-six in the front, one at the back and remaining two in the inside
  • Exterior front pockets are apt for keeping camera lens, camera bodies, flash, torch, binoculars, battery, wires, memory card holders, eatables, notepads etc
  • Interior pockets can be used to store mobiles, cash, wallets, watch, cosmetics, memory cards, passport etc.
  • All nine pockets of the Camouflage Digital Photography Jacket have been designed with locking buttons or zippers and NOT velcro. Thus, eliminating any noise
  • Two hooks attached to the sides of bottom front pockets can be used to clip-on items like memory card holders or key chains
  • Loops next to the chest pockets can be used to slip in writing pens, Lens Pen, small torch, screwdrivers etc
  • Adjustable side tabs for better fit (you can loosen or tighten the jacket)
  • Strong and durable fabric–made of comfortable cotton-mix
  • Machine washable 

Why should I use Camouflage Digital Photography Jacket? 

While on field trips, Photographers, Photojournalists, Videographers, Hikers, Bird Watchers as well as Adventurers need to stock essentials and equipment without the burden of extra baggage.

Photography Jacket – Size Charts

Male Size Recommendation

Female Size Recommendation

Medium Upto Shirt size 40 Medium UK size 14
Large Upto Shirt size 42 Large UK size 16
Extra Large Upto Shirt size 44 Extra Large Plus size


Size (inches) Back Length Half Waist
Medium 24 21
Large 26 23
Extra Large 28 25


Refer to the images for pictorial depiction of storage pockets and their usage. We have tried to show the practicality quotient of our photography jacket. The following items shown in the photograph are only for the purpose of demonstration and not included in the product.

Exterior Pockets

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3
  2. Lens cleaning Pen
  3. Writing Pen
  4. Memory Card wallet
  5. Notepad
  6. Money Wallet
  7. Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 L IS
  8. Canon 7D body

Internal pockets

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3
  2. Money Wallet

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