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Camouflage camera rain cover

Camera Rain Cover - Camouflage

  • Rs. 1,499.00

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You have loved our camera rain covers. Your favourite professional 100% water proof Camera Rain Cover are now available in camouflage prints as well! Apt for your camera and lens set up, they allow tripod mounting and are perfect accessories for monsoon photography. 

Key Highlights

  • 100% water proof and weather sealed seaming
  • Tripod mount provision
  • Light weight ( ~150 gms)
  • Slips easily over your camera plus tripod setup without halting your shooting
  • Double zipper ensures complete closure when mounted on tripod
  • Tapered design for easy handling
  • Stretchable pull cords seal both ends quickly (see images above)
  • Light weight, fits into your pocket when folded
  • Camouflage print

Where can I use these Camera Rain Cover?

  • During the monsoon season
  • When in the rain forests
  • To capture the rain drops
  • Simply protect camera equipment from getting drenched

Dimensions (in length)

  • Large: 31 inches
  • Medium: 26 inches
  • Small: 21 inches
  • Extra Small: 15 inches

Size Recommendation:


400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm


100-400mm, 150-500mm, 150-600mm,

200-400mm, 200-500mm,



70-200mm, 70-300mm,

80-400mm, 400mm/5.6

Extra Small

Wide Angle lenses

Upto 100mm


Questions & Answers

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  • Hello team, 1. I have D5100 Nikon body with Nikkor 55 - 300 mm lens - which rain cover will be suitable for this combo ? 2. I do not see hand sleeves to the cover - so this cover on the body does not make it difficult to operate the buttons, command dial etc? Please email me the answers for above queries on - along with qote and delivery days to Yerwada, Pune. Thank you! Kunal,

    Looking at your equipment, we will recommend the extra small size of the Camera Rain Cover. These rain covers do not have sleeves but still make it easy for operating the back buttons, command dial. It is recommended to tie/fasten the front end of cover on lens hood instead of directly on lens. All the shipments are done via Fedex across India and take about 5 days to deliver. 

    Please note that your e-mail ID above is hashed out for privacy reasons.

  • Hello team, I have a canon 77d with 18-135 usm lens + Tamron 28-300. Please suggest what size will be suitable for these. Thanks Rajesh

    Hi Rajesh, Thanks for sending the equipment details. We suggest a Small size for the rain cover to keep your equipment safe. 

  • I wanted to know if your product "Camera Rain Cover - Camouflage (Small)" would perfectly fit my Nikon D5300 with the 2 lenses which I use (18-55 mm & 70-300 mm). My primary purpose is to use it in heavy rains both with & without tripod. Also, does the cover have a transparent see-through film on the display panel & at the lens end?

    Hi Sachin, The small size for the camera rain cover will fit your lens setup very well. There is an opening at the botton which will allow it to be used with and without the tripod. There is no transparent film on the display side or at lens end. Having a film on lens side sometimes reduces the optical quality of setup, thereby reducing final images captured.

  • I'd like to know what would be the best way to carry around my DSLR if this cover is to be used. In a regular case (without cover), I can hang the DSLR using the standard strap around my neck, such that it's click-ready. But upon using this cover, would a "Harness Vest" become necessary? If so, is the cover compatible with a "Harness Vest"? Moreover, if that's the case then due to the absence of any covering (read transparent film) at the display panel back end, won't the DSLR be exposed to rains (as the display panel faces skywards upon being hung on a "Harness Vest")? If not, please suggest other ways to carry the DSLR around in a click-ready position with the cover on.

    Hi Sachin, The harness,shoulder strap can be used and the camera setup will be up side down leading to usability issues while carrying the equipment. The default camera strap can be attached and the cover on display side can be folded (as it is longer than the exact camera + lens length) to keep the equipment dry.

  • I'm having a query. I have a zoom lens of 70-300 mm. If I mount the cover when using this lens, how would I be able to dynamically zoom in/out the lens? (as its length would continually be changing based on how much we zoom in/out based on the situation). Won't the lens either significantly come out of the lens hole of the cover or significantly retract inside the lens hole? Even though if we may be able to tighten the cover around the lens, it won't expand or retract based on the zooming of the lens right?

    Hi Sachin, This camera rain cover is tied to the hood of the lens. There is enough working space for your hand to operate the zoom within the cover. If the lens retracts or zooms out, the length of the cover is sufficient to cover the whole equipment setup even when the lens is completely zoomed out. The extra length of the cover on the display side of the camera will vary. There will never be scenario where the camera setup is exposed outside the cover. Thanks 

  • i am having Nikon D500 body with Nikor 200-500 Lens can u suggest me the size for rain cover

    For you camera and lens setup, please prefer the Small size of Camera Rain cover

  • I have a range of lenses from 17-35mm wide angle, 24-70mm f2.8, 150mm macro f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 and 120-400mm f3.5-6.3, all with lens hoods. I'm thinking of perhaps the Extra small, and small covers to accommodate the range of lenses along with either a Nikon D7000 with battery pack or a Nikon D610 with battery pack. How much would shipping be on those 2 covers?

    Hi Peter, Your size understanding of 1 Small and 1 Extra Small is accurate. Shipping is Free for all products within India. For international shipping rates, once you add them in your cart, it will be visible based on the country. Thanks

  • Hi I have the Tamron 150 - 600 G2 lens(the newer version). Please suggest me the size and also advise if this lens cover can be used to prevent dust also

    We will suggest the Medium size looking at the lens and its capability to zoom and increase the lens length. The same lens cover can be used for dust protection also.

  • hi...i m using Nikon 200-500mm with Nikon d500...wil this product (small size ) suits for me?

    Yes, the "Small" size will suit the Nikon 200-500 lens setup.

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