Camera Rain Jacket with Flash Cover Photography rain cover

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Want to shoot in the rains, the waterfalls, during festive season or simply capture the shower? Worry not for the camera raincoat with flash support is here at your rescue. Camera Raincoat with Flash Support will be your best pick this season. Be it for rains, monsoons, beaches or festivals such as Holi.

Key Highlights 

  • Made of transparent and black material.
  • Clear view allows you to monitor controls easily.
  • Allows access to camera and lens controls through waterproof sleeves given on both sides of the camera body.
  • Locking zipper is also waterproof.
  • Waterproof arm sleeves attached to the rain cover come with adjustable toggles to ensure secure fastening in case of heavy downpour.
  • Lens end also comes with adjustable toggle/string to tighten the grip of the rain cover on the lens.
  • Waterproof material covers your external flash as well.
  • Fits easily into your camera bag.
  • Gives a snug fit.


Compatible with wide angle lenses or any lens with a maximum length of 9 inches and diameter of 7 inches.

Why should I use Camera Rain Jacket with Flash Cover?

With full protection for the front portion of the camera lens as well as for your flash attachment, this can prove to be your best camera accessory.

You can use it to take action shots or still shots during rain. It will cover your camera lens such as wide angle or macro. The best part is, this rain cover comes with flash protection as well.

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