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Nature Lounge brings to you high quality L-Angle Bracket camera mounts at competitive prices, manufactured by CDA Product. These brackets better the utility of your camera by allowing tripod mount in two orientations: Portrait and Landscape.

Key Highlights

They fit to the base of your camera allowing quick release, turn and remount of camera without having to change your tripod head, shot level or picture composition.

  • Provision for two release plates–on the bottom and left side–to allow both landscape and portrait shots
  • Acra-Swiss style mount guarantees a secure mounting
  • Mounted brackets do not poke into your face while looking through the viewfinder
  • Machined to fit snugly against your camera
  • Allow convenient hand-held use of camera even with mounted bracket
  • Universal L-angle brackets are adaptable to most camera bodies. So, you can put them to use even after upgrades to your equipment
  • You can tighten or loosen the bracket screw with a coin
  • Cushioned feet eliminate friction between the brackets and the camera body

Manufacturing details

  • Guaranteed precision—6Dia EN 13 Steel rods are bent using CNC bending machines
  • Magnified strength at joints—Mig welded
  • Ensured adequate hardness—Heat treated
  • Clean Finish—30 microns Chrome plated and polished
  • Better quality—Al 6061 alloy used for sliders
  • Attachments: 1/4-20 UNC threaded screw and free runner SS Helicoil inserts to mount the QR plates

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