Camera Camouflage Lens Sleeve

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This is camouflage Lens Sleeve for Canon 

It comes with 100% clear windows over your manual controls so that nothing comes between you and your shot. 

You have invested a lot into your photography skills and equipment.This small investment will go a long way in protecting your lens from scratches during a safari, it will protect your lens if you by chance hit it against any hard surface and it will also help protect your equipment from the harsh sunlight.

Not just that, it comes in a beautiful camouflage true jungle prints to ensure that you have a perfect camouflage out there in the wild. 

Product contents:

1. Camouflage Lens Sleeve 

2. Lens Sleeve Case

3. Lens Cleaning Cloth


What you get:

1. No questions asked return guarantee if you do not like the product

2. We will be able to replace a particular portion of the lens sleeve if you were to lose it or it is worn out


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