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One of our most popular products, anti Leech Socks, are an absolute must if you are heading towards damp and leech-infested areas like rain forests, lakes, marshes or ponds. Scroll down to know how to keep these worms away from you.

Key Highlights

  • The bottom part of these anti Leech Socks is made of a thin cotton material to ensure that it slips easily into your shoes
  • The top socks material is thick water resistant material making it difficult for the leeches to bite through.
  • The design is L-shaped, similar to that of your daily wear socks. We recommend that you wear your own socks inside these socks for an additional layer of protection
  • Elasticated ankle for grip
  • Locking system near calf and knee areas to ensure that the anti leech socks do not roll down
  • Calf-area locking system is through external loops, you can use additional rope also in case of trekking
  • Cross-seam stitched for additional strength
  • One of the longest available anti leech socks not only in the Indian market (for additional coverage) but internationally too. 
  • Easy to wash
  • Re-usable
  • Lightweight (~200gms for a pair)


  • Height of the socks (brown portion): 22 inches
  • Length of the feet area (white portion): 10 inches

    How to use Anti-Leech Socks?

    1. Pull up your daily wear socks
    2. Roll down your trousers/jeans
    3. Now wear the Leech socks over your socks and trousers/jeans
    4. Fasten the locking cords of your leech socks near the calf as well as the knee area

    Why do you need Anti Leech Socks?

    Leeches are used for medical therapies and are a boon to many humans. Then why should we even have anti-leech socks? Well, medical practitioners use cultured worms under observation. The ones in the jungle can actually be disease-infested themselves and can cause harm.

    How to protect yourself from leeches?

    • Leeches get attracted to your warm blood and hence you find them mostly near your ankle, back of the knee, buttocks or inside the shoe.
    • You should ideally dress in layers so that they do not reach the warmth of your skin/blood. Wear your own socks, roll down your trousers, wear long anti leech socks on top of your trousers and that should be good enough for most leeches.
    • You can also spray your shoes/anti leech socks/trousers with some spray or tobacco water (all you need to do is soak tobacco leaves in water). Many Nature Loungers claim that this works the best in most Indian tropical rain forests.

    How to handle a leech bite?

    • In case you find that a leech has attached itself to your skin, please do not try to pull it out. Your force might leave a body part of the leech inside your skin.
    • You can heat it with a matchstick or an incense stick. You can also spray alcohol or throw salt onto the leech, that will ensure that it leaves the grip and falls down.
    • You might have to apply antiseptic cream or visit a doctor depending on the wound.

     Where to use Anti Leech Socks?

    Damp and leech-infested areas like rain forests, lakes, marshes or ponds. 

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