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About Us


We love to play with jacks and turnbuckles in the backyard. We can be seen around with hammers and drift pins. We often break down things and spend time welding the same. We have fabric around us begging for some compassion. We also lounge around in the lap of nature in the middle of nowhere where even today apples and blackberries grown on trees and tweets are sent out by birds. 

And, when not working, we go to office. 

We manufacture quality camera support equipment for professional DSLR photographers, videographers and birders. 

Our product line includes camera hardware, bags and accessories. 

We work daily work to solve some of the smallest problems of DSLR photographers, documentary film makers and the birding community. 

You have seen our flag bearers in the jungles of Africa as much as in the jungles of India. Our products are popular in the leech infested Borneo rainforests of South East Asia as much as among the hiking community of Europe. We are popular among wildlife photographers, documentary film makers and bird watchers alike. is our online store where you can find equipment, bags and accessories for your cameras and binoculars. We provide our customers some not-so-easily available products at the click of a mouse.   


We strive to bring to you utility products – to make your engagement with nature a safe and enjoyable experience.

Quality Policy

Nature Lounge is committed to maintain a practical but comprehensive quality system driven by customer satisfaction.

Who Are We?

  • We are photographers like you. We also started off with the belief that for a good picture, you need better equipment. Only to realise that a few accessories could enhance your pictures manifolds. 
  • We are passionate about photography and love to bring about solutions that matter the most when in the field. 
  • If you have any product on mind that you want us to attempt, drop in a mail on In case you feel you have a design ready and you want us to experiment, call us on 8861255255. It is your store, your ideas and demands make us grow stronger. 
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