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A Quick Release Plate allows you to quickly mount and un-mount your camera & lens set up from your tripod. It provides you with ease of handling equipment and can be a time saver too.

You have to screw this Quick Release Plate of 60mm length onto your camera lens collar foot or DSLR body only once. Your lens will now easily slip into any quick release clamp (of a tripod head) that is compatible with Arca Swiss, the most commonly used quick release system.

This particular Quick Release lens plate is suited for your DSLR camera body as well as lens. So, if your tripod head has a Arca Swiss compatible clamp, all you need is this plate.

Product Features

  • Locking screws to prevent your equipment from falling
  • Rubber pads to protect your gear from scratches
  • Fastening handles on screws. No Allen key/wrench required for attaching your gear. 
  • Safety stops of lens plate prohibit your lens from accidentally slipping out of quick release clamp
  • Anti-slip rubber pads also provide additional grip
  • Sturdy hardware for your telephoto lenses
  • Aluminium alloy makes it lightweight yet sturdy
  • This Quick release lens plate is machine made for precision dimensions

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 60mm (length) X 38mm (width) X 10mm (height) 
  • Weight: 70gms
  • Compatible with Arca Swiss quick release system
  • One ¼” standard screws in the center.

Package Contents/What’s in the box?

  • 1 X Quick Release Plate - 60mm length 
  • ¼” to ⅜” screw adapter

Product warranty

  • 12 months, against manufacturing defects, and problems arising thereof, and NOT due to negligent and rough use.

Will this DSLR quick release plate fit my lens?

  • A simple way is to measure the length of the foot of your lens collar using a measuring tape. You can choose a lens plate that is a same length.
  • This quick release plate is compatible with all Arca-Swiss type quick release clamps (Foba, Arca, Kirk, Wimberly, etc)
  • It is not compatible with Manfrotto quick release clamps

Tip: Do not take a Quick Release Plate that is smaller in length than your tripod collar foot. It is advisable to take the exact fit. However, the advantage of selecting a longer plate is that it gives you adequate space for mounting.

How to Use Quick Release Plate - 60mm length?

This Quick Release Plate for camera body and lens easily attaches to your lens collar or camera body. There is a ¼” - 20 thread screw on the quick release plate and there is a mounting screw point on the tripod mounting socket of your lens collar. You don’t even need an Allen key for this. This product comes with screws that have an attached fastening handle for this very purpose.

You can leave the Quick Release Plate onto the lens or camera body at all times. If you wish, you may remove it at the end of the day in case your lens case/pouch does not have space to accommodate the quick release plate.

Since this quick release plate is Arca Swiss compatible, it will easily slide into any Arca Swiss clamp available on your ball head/gimbal or other mounts.

Now, all you need to do is, slide this Tripod quick release plate attached to your lens into the clamping channel of the head (ball head/gimbal/any other mount). Center your lens and find the best balance point before you fasten it securely.

You are good to go. You can easily mount and un-mount your lens from the tripod head now.

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