Quick Release plates

Are you still screwing your cameras or lenses directly onto a ¼” or ⅜” stud on the tripod head? For speed and simplicity, you need Quick release plates for mounting and un-mounting your camera and lens set.

What is a Quick Release (QR) System? Let us understand the Quick Release system first. The QR system has two parts -- a clamp and a plate. The clamp stays on your tripod head while the Tripod quick release plate stay on your camera or lens all the time. So, if you already have a tripod head with a clamp, all you need is a quick release plate. These Quick release plates attach to your lens or camera using standard photography screws. Ideally, you will need dedicated Camera mounting plate on each of your camera body and Quick release lens plate to be attached to lens collar foot.

Quick release system comes in different formats -- Arca Swiss technology and the Manfrotto technology. Arca Swiss is the most commonly accepted Tripod quick release plate and clamp system. In fact, recognizing this widespread acceptance, Manfrotto also announced a 'Top Lock' quick release system for its tripod heads that's compatible with standard Arca Swiss-type plates.

Note: The entire range of DSLR quick release plates available on Nature Lounge is Arca Swiss compatible.

A guide to using these Quick release plates

  • The top of your tripod head can be attached to a quick release clamp (or your tripod head may come with an attached clamp).
  • The bottom of your camera body or foot of your lens collar has a groove that can be attached to the Quick release plates using a standard photography screw.
  • To mount your equipment, insert the plate by loosening the release knob of your clamp
  • Now, tighten the release knob.
  • To un-mount and release the equipment, do the reverse.

A Camera mounting plate is different from a Quick release lens plate. Selecting the right plate for your camera body is important to ensure that your equipment balances properly.

Having dedicated Quick release plates for your camera bodies as well as lenses is an easy way to save some time as well as energy on field.

How to find Quick release plates that are compatible with your camera bodies or lens?

  • Nature Lounge stocks Quick release plates for camera bodies as well as lenses ranging from 50mm in length to 200mm in length for your equipment.
  • A Simple and reliable way to select Quick release plates for your equipment is to measure the base of your camera or the foot length of your lens collar. You can choose a lens plate that is a same length or longer. It is advisable to not pick a shorter DSLR quick release plate.