Photography Vest Multi-pocket Jacket

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Rs. 1,899.00

Photography Vest Multi-pocket Jacket is available in three colours:

  • Olive Green for those of you who love your greens
  • Black for those of you who like to keep it classy
  • Brown camouflage for the wild side in you

You can choose your colour! 

The best part is, we do not measure you in templates. These are all made-to-measure and we cater to plus sizes as well. Just place your order and share your sizing details with us. We take 10 days to deliver the order to you after pre-orders are closed. 

Fabric Details:

  • 100% cotton so that you can breathe free in the open
  • Sweat-absorbing qualities
  • Double seam stitching for good quality finish
  • Multi pockets to store your essentials


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