Memory Card Holder

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Safety of memory cards can actually give nightmares to anyone–be it a professional photographer or a photo-enthusiast traveller. Made out of 100% waterproof outer material, Memory Card Holder is available in camouflage prints.

Key Highlights

  • Provision to store 12 cards (10 in alloted slots and two in place of business cards).
  • Storage pockets are made of transparent film to allow you easy visibility.
  • Memory Card Holder fastens with an elastic band and not noisy velcro tapes.
  • 100% waterproof outer material.
  • Acts as a dust proof protector as well.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.


  •     Folded: 7.5 cms*12..5 cms
  •     Open: 40*12.5 cms

Why should I use Memory Card Holder? 

This Memory Card Holder is a must to store your cards while on the move. It can hold as many as 10 CF cards. What more, there is space for business cards as well but you can store an additional two cards instead.

Where can I use Memory Card Holder?  

  • Memory Card Holder can hold 10 cards and a some small notes/business cards.
  • Alternatively, it can hold 12 cards.
  • It protects your memory cards from dust and occasional falls.

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