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This Camera Body Pouch stores your camera bodies along with the quick release tripod plates and L-angle brackets. It snugly fits your camera body and protects it from dust and scratches.

Key Highlights

  •  It has a front mesh pocket to store business cards or field documents
  • Black inside lining is a soft weather-resistant foam
  • Seals with a velcro for easy access
  • The outer surface is made of 100% waterproof fabric
  • Available in classy jungle print
  • This pouch accommodates only the camera body without the lens


  • Pro Camera Body Pouch by Nature Lounge fits most camera bodies including
    • Prosumer bodies with battery grip
    • Pro bodies
  • For further reference, the inside dimensions are 8” (depth) x 8” (length) x 3.6” (breadth)
  • Designed to accommodate pro camera bodies mounted on L-angle brackets

Why should I use the Camera Body Pouch? 

The camera body pouch in camouflage print comes handy to cameras while travelling. Moreover, the camouflage prints ensure that they are away from prying eyes when in the jungles.

How to use? 

  • Secure your spare camera body in this pouch
  • Lock it by sealing it with velcro

When to use the Camera Body Pouch? 

  • While travelling
  • To keep spare camera bodies
  • During outdoor shoots
  • Jungle safaris in India

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