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Camera Filter Wallet with 6 pockets has been designed to hold six round or square filters. Keep the delicate filters safe even while travelling.

Key Highlights

While filters should be kept in their individual protective cases, with this Lens Filter Wallet, you need not worry! Professional photographers recommend this as one of the must-have photography storage equipment accessory.

  • Accommodates six lens filters.
  • Transparent lining with quick and easy access.
  • Camera lens filter wallet closes with a velcro.
  • Light weight to carry.
  • Weather resistant nylon material.


This Camera Filter Wallet holds both round and square filters up to 86 mm-100 mm in diameter or height

Why should I buy a Lens Filter Wallet?

Do you use multiple filters? Say you have a few of the Neutral Density Ones, Circular Polariser ones or the more common Ultra-Violet ones, we are sure, organizing these can be a nightmarish task in itself.

We also understand how painfully annoying the screw cases are! And it is anybody’s guess how risky it is to keep them loose in the bag. Have you been looking for a pouch or a wallet that will allow you quick access? Something that is so convenient that it can be slipped into some pocket of a camera or say your trousers? Wouldn’t it really serve your purpose if it accommodates at least two filters?

Look no further, here we have a Camera Lens Filter Pouch that can accommodate as many as six filters! Trust us, this is the most ideal way to store and transport your valuable filters that have the capacity to transform your images.

As we keep saying, you concentrate on clicking your images and allow Nature Lounge to work towards making your life easier.

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