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The Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level helps you determine an accurate level horizon. How many times have you struggled with a landscape image simply trying to get horizon level right? Leveling is very important for photography especially for panoramic shots or while shooting architectural shots.

Key Highlights
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits almost all DSLR/SLR cameras with a standard flash hot shoe.
  • Slides into your hot shoe.
  • Unobtrusive, does not come in the way of photography.
  • Inbuilt pop-up flash can still be operated.
  • Highly portable.
  • Not just does it help you with accurate positioning, but acts as a protective layer for your hot shoe.


Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level weighs less than 5 grams

Why should you use the Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level?

This mountable Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level unit with the bubble-within-the-center design over your hot shoe is one of the easiest and accurate ways to avoid deflection of your photographs.

How to Use?

Slide this Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level to your camera’s hot shoe and the camera set up will be ready to help with a level horizon.

How to get a level horizon while shooting?

It is indeed a very difficult task to get a proper level horizon for your images whole photographing landscapes or architectural images. How many times have we ruined images just for the want of that perfect level? Even professional photographers do not vouch by their eyesight alone and mounting on a tripod does not entirely solve the problem. Let us learn now how to get the perfect level horizon easily using Camera Body Hot Shoe Spirit Level and in a cost effective manner if one does not want to invest in expensive camera add on gadgets.
  • Viewfinder
To begin with, one needs to ensure that the focus points shown on the viewfinder (most SLRs offer this feature), are in a straight line. This is a check in itself that your composition is on the right level.
  • Virtual Horizon
Many SLRs have a virtual horizon function that shows you the camera level. You can navigate through your camera settings and get this right.
  • Grid-lines
In case your camera has the function of super imposing grind lines on the viewfinder images, merely check that everything is in level before you shoot. You will most likely find this in cameras that show you the live view.
  • Hot Shoe Spirit Level
One of the most cost effective accessories that helps you get onto the right level horizon.

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