Neck Shade Photography Cap

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Rs. 499.00

We have decided to name it the Neck Shade Photography Cap since it is a true tribute to the profession. A must-have photography accessory. 

Key Highlights

  • Small visor/bill to ensure you can shoot even with the cap on
  • Sun protecting neck cape
  • Adjustable drawcord and toggle at back
  • Roll-in back flap
  • 4 panels
  • Sweat band lining
  • One size fits most

Why should I use Neck Shade Photography Cap? 

These cover not only your head but your neck and ears as well so that you can shoot in scorching heat as well. Moreover, it has a small visor/bill to ensure it does not hit your camera hotshoe while you are shooting!

Who all can buy Neck Shade Photography Cap? 

  • Photographers
  • Birding enthusiasts
  • Not a photographer? But you still need such a cap? Go ahead and order one!

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