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Gloves are not just for the cold weather. You need them to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays as well as dust. Who would know better than a nature photographer?  

Most of the times these gloves end up just adding weight to our luggage for we cannot operate our equipment with gloves on. Isn't it frustrating? Not anymore! You will find these Camouflage Finger Free Photography Gloves really useful on the field. They keep the three most dexterous fingers free -- your thumb and index finger and the middle finger.  You are now free to access the buttons and dials on the camera equipment. 

Key Highlights

  • Fingerless on thumb, index and middle finger.
  • Anti Slip surface on palms.
  • Stretchable material does not add layers to your hands and acts like snug fit second skin.
  • Camouflage in colour.
  • Easy to fold, don’t occupy space in your camera bag.
  • Light weight.
  • Free Size.
  • Quick Drying.

Why should I use Camouflage Finger Free Photography Gloves?  

If you intend to shoot in harsh sunlight and still protect your hands, you would need some protective gear. With traditional gloves, you need to remove themmultiple times making it difficult for you to concentrate on your photography. Apart from that, they expose you to the sun rays and dust.

Every photographer needs gloves that allow you to work with the photography equipment comfortably, keep your hands protected from the sun rays and at the same time give you command over all manual controls of your camera and lens. These Camouflage Finger Free Photography Gloves are an ideal photography field wear.

When should I use Camouflage Finger Free Photography Gloves? 

  • In summers to protect your hands from sun rays as well as dust.
  • On photography trips where you need better access and grip while handing camera equipment.
  • An added advantage is that they make it easier for you to feel and search for things in your big camera bags. 

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