Safari Hat - Camouflage

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Let us up the fashion quotient while protecting ourselves from the heat. Check out this Safari Hat. 

Key Highlights 

  • A 360-degree wide visor/bill 
  • Sweatband lining
  • Mesh Lining in the crown
  • One size fits most

Why should I use Safari Hat?

We know you love to be in the lap of mother earth. Nature has a lot of hidden gems, but as they say you have to go into the deep seas to get shells. Sometimes, mother earth is harsh to its children. Our forefathers were used to the harshness of the heat, we might not be. Protect yourself and don this Safari Hat. 

Where can I use Safari Hats? 

  • Safaris, as the name suggests, be it jungles or deserts
  • Any outdoor activity
  • While enjoying sports


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