Dessicant Silica Gel - Color Indicating (250 gms)

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Dust and smudges are not the only enemies of your lens and photography equipment.  You need to fight fungus and moisture attacks as well. Our color indicating Silica Gel with de-humidifying properties can be effectively used to protect your photography equipment.

Key Highlights 

  • Dry and desiccant silica gel crystals have dehumidifying properties
  • Blue colour of the crystals fades and turns transparent upon absorbing atmospheric moisture
  • To reuse, heat the transparent crystals till the blue colour is not restored
  • Photography equipment like lens and filters can be stored in jars with silica gel
  • Mesh Size is ⅝
  • DMF (Dimethyl fumarate) free

Why should I use Dessicant Silica Gel?

White Silica Gel is generally non-colour indicating, therefore it is difficult to determine its shelf life.

How to use?  
Silica gel has to be in a dry state–color indicator is blue–to be of any use. Upon absorbing moisture, they turn transparent and ineffective. Don’t worry, you can reuse these!

How to reuse?
Expose them to high temperature–in a hot pan or microwave. Let the crystals regain their blue color. Voilà, these are good to be used again!

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