Women's disposable travel underwear (set of 5)

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Women's disposable travel underwear is a product created with convenience in mind. Women are extra cautious about hygiene and might resort to changing undies more often than men. At home, we might have the luxury to do laundry every day, but while travelling, we might not.

Moreover, how many undies can we carry? We also might not be sitting in the comfort of an air conditioner, hence we need a more breathable material. While the number of undies you pack is up to your judgment, with these women's disposable travel underwear, you can keep disposing them off as you move ahead in your trip. So, you will actually be left with more space to accommodate your new purchases! Happy globe trotting dearies! 


Key Highlights

  • Help travel light, these fit the palm of your hand when folded
  • Designed for comfort and convenience
  • Available in white colour
  • In three different sizes
  • No tearing from the seam areas

Why should I use Women's disposable travel underwear? 

  • Double up as hygiene products
  • Help reducing laundry bills
  • It is okay to sleep in these

Size chart

Small Upto 30 inches
Medium Upto 33 inches
Large Upto 35 inches


  • The travel underpants for women are intended to be worn once and discarded. We request you all to dispose off these responsibly
  • Keep a couple in your hand baggage, just in case your airline luggage takes a little longer to reach you!

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