Wildlife Survival Band

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You would have heard about Bear Grylls. This British adventurer doesn't look overtly concerned about his appearance. But, safety, is important to all humans.That is our basic survival instinct. 

Experiencing nature and outdoors isn't an easy ball game. And, more than beauty, one needs to look at safety. Though, you might not find space for any jewellery or accessory in your bag as a wildlife photographer or a bird watcher, but this is something you would love to own!

This unisex band -- call it a rugged accessory or a bracelet -- it will make your life easier. Never will you again step out without this band once you get used to it. 

It is useful in marking a trail as well as finding your way back. 


Product Features:

  • One size fits all
  • High-precision compass
  • Rope Cutter
  • A survival whistle
  • Umbrella rope material used for the wrist material that is approximately 2.5 metres. This can be used in emergency situations.

Who can use it?

  • Wildlife photographers
  • Hikers
  • Bird Watchers
  • Explorers 

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