Camouflage Neck Scarf

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When in the field, you cannot carry a variety of head gears, neck scarves or something to cover the equipment. You need something that can do all that and also act as a sweat towel. Camouflage Neck Scarf is just that!

Key Highlights

  • Anti fray nylon fabric
  • Mesh Breathable Design
  • Dimensions: 160 cms (length) * 43 cms (width).
  • Lightweight to carry

Why should I use Camouflage Neck Scarf? 

Why not pick up the Multipurpose Camouflage Neck Scarf that does all of that and allows you to blend with the surroundings also.

This Camouflage Neck Scarf is a breathable field wear for photographers. It is perfect for those wildlife and nature shoots where you would want to camouflage every inch of yourself as well as the equipment.  Moreover, the fabric is such that if you wish you can cut it into multiple pieces to use it say make a small hand towel or a sweatband, you can do that without worrying that the fabric might fray.

Where can I use Camouflage Neck Scarf? 

  • Can be worn over the head.
  • Worn as an anti-sweat lining underneath safari hats.
  • To conceal photography equipment in the field.
  • As a camouflage towel.
  • As a camouflage turban.
  • Use it as a sweat band.
  • Dust-proof face guard.
  • A temporary mosquito net out in the field.

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash only.
  • No ironing.
  • Line Dry.
  • Keep away from thorns.


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