Camouflage Knee Elbow Pads

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Hobbies and adventures at times demand action. Why shy away from pushing your limit fearing bruises? Use these Camouflage Knee Elbow Pads.

Key Highlights

  • The outer surface is tough and provides support.
  • The inner layer is soft and cushions your fall.
  • You can easily fasten these with the help of given hooks and loops.
  • Camouflage Knee Elbow Pads come with dual hook and loop fastener.
  • Fastening using elastic bands and velcro tape makes it apt for most sizes.
  • Camouflage prints make it apt for outdoor activities in the natural environs.
  • These are light weight and easy to carry.
  • These knee pads have a load bearing capacity of 60-65 kilos.
  • Do not step on a very pointed and rocky terrain with a lot of weight. We do not guarantee that the outer layer will be able to withstand that. 

Why should I use Camouflage Knee Elbow Pads? 

Knees support your entire body’s weight. Therefore, it becomes important to keep them in good shape and health. More importantly, when you are engaged in some adventure sport or out in the field where you need to kneel down or crawl.

Similarly, elbows pads protect while you crawl, or exert pressure while taking support of your elbows.

Where should I use Camouflage Knee Elbow Pads? 

  • You are a photographer and love to experiement with various ground level perspectives.
  • If you are a nature enthusiast and love to explore the unknows where you would be required to hop, jump and crawl around.
  • If you love bird watching and like to crawl to close proximities of birds.
  • If you are a weekend backpacker out for trekking, hiking or camping.
  • You can also pamper your knees while skating, rollerskating, skateboarding and scootering.

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