Water proof Camera Bean Bag -- Leafy Camouflage premium

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Sometimes, all that you need is a steady picture. Sometimes, all your shoulders need is some rest, sometimes all your camera needs is a break from a tripod. You must have read about camera bean bags. It is the wildlife photographers who talk about this essential photography accessory, but you would be amazed by all what this unassuming bean bag can do! This camera bean bag can be used as a tripod alternative in places such as window sill, ground, arm of any vehicle/indoor furniture etc.

Key Highlights

  • One size fits all lenses, including the 400mm/500mm/600mm and zoom lenses.
  • Sturdy and comfortable handles make it easy to carry.
  • Scratch-proof surface on top to protect your camera and lens.
  • Additional scratch-proof surface provided in between the two legs of the photography bean bag.
  • Double zipper to prevent the filling from coming out.
  • Velcro based leg locks to prevent any bag movement.
  • Soft foam surface on the top for additional cushion.
  • You can place it upside down and shoot with extra 3-sided support.
  • Stitched in layers to provide extra support.
  • Camouflage color with nature print.
  • It has been tried and tested across on rugged terrains and hung upside down with over 7 kilos of filling for three continuous days.

Why should you use camera bean bag?

Apart from doubling up as a tripod, it gives you shake-free long exposure shots. You can also set up the camera on it for self portraits on any surface. It is ideal for nature or jungle photography but can also be used for architectural shoots.

As always, the sky is the limit for imagination. You can use it as a pillow rest or as a stool.

It has enough surface to support your heavy and super telephoto lenses (500mm and beyond). Just to put you at ease, we have hung it filled with stones for three whole days. And yes, it passed the test.

How to fill the camera bean bag?

Your photography bean bag may contain polythene beads, plastic pellets, beans, rice, wheat, bird seeds or anything that you feel you can carry around. No beans are included as part of this product sale. We also do not ship filled bean bags.

While the Basic Camera Bean Bag is suited to be filled with light weight material like thermocol balls, plastic pellets and other such , in this sturdier Photography Bean Bag, you can fill heavier items like rice, grains and pulses.

Where should you use a camera bean bag?

  • Wildlife Photography
  • Bird Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Landscape Photography  


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