Bird Watching and Photography

Birding as an activity dates back to the Shakespearean era. People have been sighting, observing and documenting about birds since time immemorial. Birding has taken two primary forms in the current day --bird watching and bird photography.
Bird Watching is a non-expensive activity. You can kick start by observing birds in your backyard and then gradually move on to identifying nearby parks, birding trails and then eventually, explore bird sanctuaries. Bird Photography on the other hand is a modern-day version where in you can record bird sightings through the right gear i.e, camera and lens set up.
As you graduate to the next level of birding, you will need to not just upgrade your skills, but also invest in some equipment. You might want to invest in a pair of binoculars, suitable camera and lens, harnesses to save your shoulder and neck from stress and clothing to blend with the environs.
From gear care to field wear. From self care to unwanted stare. From comfort in the field to weather shield, here are all the products that you would need for bird watching and bird photography.