Here is why you should travel solo.

Here is why you should travel solo.

Wherever you travel, the place becomes a part of you. 

It has been a week since I came back from a solo trip to Italy. The trip that has touched, moved and inspired me in so many ways. With a variety of thoughts and adrenaline, after 9 trips to 9 countries since 2010 (not including the trips I have made with family and friends), I begin to pen down this first article.

Let’s just take a step back from travel and think- We are born solo (well even in case of twins or triplets, one is older to others :). You must speak for yourself in that first kindergarten admission interview, and so for the rest of exams in life. You could be learning, getting inspired by anyone, but at the end of the day your life is/will be a product of road you choose and decisions you make.

Why then do we make a big deal about travelling alone?

Well if you get into a plane by yourself, plane is still full of people, so are you alone? If you get to the farthest point, say up the arctic (where I have been), you would still have people there, so what does it even mean that you are alone? So, let’s come to the big deal :)

The first myth inside some of us is that you travel solo because you don’t have anybody to travel with. And believe me this is a very negative thought in every shape, way and form. The way we are raised in our families, extended families, society, community, countries and planet, over history of evolution, condition us to think and perform as a herd, but nobody is the villain or constraint in your story but you. Think beyond, expand your herd. 

So, I decided to call it travelling with myself instead of saying travelling alone!

I am a very shy and thoughtful person, but at the same time I am social in my way. My family and friends love me and I am basically surrounded by people all the time. If so many people love my company, why then, should I not enjoy my own company for a change?

You travel solo, to hear your inner voice, to know what you will do if you had no obligation of what others like to do, what others want you to do. To be mindful of every moment that makes the experience meditative, brings close to yourself, strengthens your core, increases your resilience and make yourself shamelessly you.

The point I am trying to drive home is, you are not alone if traveling alone or who is traveling alone. Just look around once?

Traveling or living abroad has made me self-aware, broaden my paradigm and the phenomena is called “self-concept clarity” (source, World economic forum). You know what? There are more solo travelers all around who are equally scared.



It is simply amazing to make new friends and see them start feeling comfortable in your presence. It is like searching for a familiar land in a foreign place.

I realized during the last trip that I have improved over these years in terms of planning a holiday. How, I am become more patient. How, I do not fuss over food anymore. How, I am not scared anymore – for, no one knows that I am alone – i.e., except for myself.So, I want to shout out aloud and tell everyone that I am a happy solo traveler and so can you be. Go, discover yourself before you discover the world.

#travelquote- 'I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.'

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