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What if I want to keep a tiger as a pet in India?

I have a huge palatial house with a massive garden. Can I please have a tiger as a pet? I love tigers... Tigers are royal and beautiful. The gait with which they walk through the jungles is a class apart. Their cubs are overloaded with cuteness. Have you never wanted to get those chubby playful cubs back from a safari? Wishful thinking! Well, that's about it. We will have to leave these adorable animals back in the jungles.   Had this been a question coming from a curious five-year old, it would have been fun explaining how tigers need to live in their natural habitat -- their home. Just the way, as civilised beings, we cannot adjust in the jungles or...

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Profile: Nature photographer Muralidhar Gopalakrishna

He is a man of a few words and more of photographs  Meet Doctor Muralidhar Gopalakrishna, a dentist by the broad day light who understands his bonding with nature well!  An admirer of nature, loves to escape to the hinterlands. He loves to unearth the hidden gems and capture the beauty of nature through his lens.  While he is well recognised for his dentistry, his photography skills have also won many accolades.  His interests lie in macro photography, birding as well as wildlife photography. You can follow him on his social media profile here.  We will leave you with some of his images:  

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