What is so special about Bandhavgarh National Park?

What is so special about Bandhavgarh National Park?

 By Sahil Kanojiya

One of the most the most popular Tiger reserve in the world is Bandhavgarh National Park which is situated in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh. ‘Bandhavgarh’ – means the brother’s fort in Hindi and got its name as it was gifted by Lord Rama to his brother Laxmana. Hence the place also holds the religious and spiritual importance as well.


In recent years, Bandhavgarh National Park has been emerged as one of the best places in the country for sightings of Tiger as well as to understand tiger’s behaviour and lifestyle. The National parks are home to some of the famous striped cats of India which includes Chandini, Kankati,  Sukhipatia, Marchand, Dotty Krishna, Bheema, Bamera. The park now is home to more than 60 tigers in the country.


The one and only Charger


The Journey of the park started with the dominant male tiger of Bandhavgarh- Charger. The tiger was named such because of his habit of mock charging every elephants and safari gipsies now and then. Charger ruled his territory from 1991-99.He left his Chakradhara territory after his long-time companion Sita died because of old age. His territory was overtaken by B1, B2 and B3 which caused a fight between the new tigers and Charger and finally became the reason for his death. A memorial was made in a place and was named   Charger’s Point which still depicts the saga of one of the most dominant males of the park.


Matriarch of Bandhavgarh: Sita

She is one of the most popular and photographed tigresses of the world. She had a lifespan of 17 years in which she gave the birth to 6 litters that also include   Two male cubs from her long-time partner Charger.The one cub is a little bit bigger in size and was named Bara Bachha while the other one was named Langur as he had a slight limp in his hind leg. Sita had long years of relationship with her partner Charger which is seen very rarely in Tiger’s families. Sita disappeared in a mysterious manner in the year 1996. While according to the Police she had become the victim of Poachers while some believed she died a natural death.


If you ever saw the giant pugmarks of a male tiger in the Bandhavgarh, then it was none other than fearless Bokha of the Bandhavgarh.He got his name Bokha as he lost his one of teeth in a fight with another tiger. He mainly ruled the Magdhi Zone of the park and used to have frequent fights with dominating male B2 who is currently the ruler of Tala zone. Bokha died at age of 13 years in the year 2012.

Mukunda Male

Another dominant tiger in the Bandhavgarh National park and is currently the favourite of all photographers. Still, in young age, the tiger is fit, does active fearless does not allow anyone to enter his territory.

Kankati Tigress

Another popular tigress after the Sita is Kankati tigress. She also got her name Kankati because of the cut she had on her during a fight.She also contributed in increasing the population of tigers in the park.Though she has one damaged eye, she is quite active in hunting. Though she is not much popular face in photography because of the cut on her body and damaged eye she attracts a lot of tourist because of her such appearance.


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