Soumyajit Nandy's rendezvous with the Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Soumyajit Nandy's rendezvous with the Sundarban Tiger Reserve


Soumyajit Nandy talks to Nature Lounge about his journey as a photographer as his venture, Going Wild, turns six...

An architect from Kolkata, the capital city of India's West Bengal, took to photography. Kolkata in itself has so many photography opportunities -- from architecture to street -- the city does not disappoint the photographer in you. 

And, with such close proximity to the Sunderban Tiger Reserve, how does one not take to the world of photography. 

Soumyajit loves to photograph the Royal Bengal Tigers and wildlife photography is what interests him. However, this journey of his love with the camera started in Periyar Tiger Reserve -- his first nature vacation ever. 

He believes that one can make a career out of nature photography if pursued honestly and in the right earnest. Like so many of us, Sudhir Shivaram is his favourite photographer and mentor in the industry. 


Do you want to know what goes into Soumyajit's photography day bag?

"In my bag, you will find my photography gear and equipment. Apart from that, I pack my personal essentials and field guides. Also, most of my outings are in Sundarban where we eat freshly cooked food made on the boat. So, we don't have to pack snacks."

Undoubtedly, Sundarban is Soumyajit's favourite wildlife destination and Going Wild, his six-year-old company organises tours for boat safaris. 

We will leave you with one of Soumyajit's images from his favourite land. 

Equipment and settings: Canon 7D, Canon 300mm f2.8L IS USM, f4, 1/800sec, ISO-100, -1/3 eV, Aperture priority mode.

  Sundarbans is easily accessible by a cab from the Kolkata airport. 
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