Pre-wedding shoot ban: Why have Gujaratis, Sindhis and Jains been targetted?

Pre-wedding shoot ban: Why have Gujaratis, Sindhis and Jains been targetted?

Half a dozen of photographers on my social media have posted "Madhya Pradesh becomes India's first state to ban pre-wedding shoots for Gujaratis, Sindhis and Jains" 

When I asked one of such information 'dispenser' to elaborate upon this piece of information along with the logical reason behind it, the response I got was, 'I don't know!'. 


I have been a full-time journalist in my previous career before I started working on Nature Lounge and 'I don't know' irks me to the brim! Why don't you know? And, if you don't know, why are you spreading this piece of information? 

We humans love gossiping and the first rule of gossip is to light the matchstick first. Our news channels go about claiming 'we were the first ones to report', our men go about saying, 'Bro, how could you not know this!' and our ladies are like, 'please don't tell anyone but you know what?' 

While I type this out, I can see more notifications on one such misleading post where people have actually started debating if the move is right, left or centre! 

Which is why, it is important to have ethics while working. Let us stop being frustrated and pushy beings and behave in a little responsible fashion. 

I need to answer my questions first. 

1. Why are Gujaratis, Sindhis and Jains being targetted? 
No, they are not being targetted. Groups belonging to these communities approached the authorities for such a ban stating that such pre-wedding shoots are against their traditions and cultures. 

2. Is it a political move?
The very essence of human existence exudes politics. But, this is not of national importance. 

That is the reason you should pay for quality journalism, rightly put by The Hindu.

Read the complete story here: Pre-Wedding Shoot Ban

The real debate needs to be, should pre-wedding shoots be banned?

Well, these communities claim that pre-wedding shoots are a bit embarrassing and choreographers actually touch inappropriately or teach inappropriately! 

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