Photography restrictions Off; In-flight selfies On

Photography restrictions Off; In-flight selfies On

The Civil Aviation Ministry of India has removed restrictions on Photography and here is what you need to know

Wondering why your Facebook timeline has not been throwing up in-flight selfies of your friends? It is not economic slowdown leading to less number of trips.

In fact, in-flight selfies had been banned by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in September this year.

Now you know that your friends have indeed been travelling all this while.  

DGCA’s official statement had said that there have been ….many instances wherein cockpit crew has indulged in photography in the cockpit. In few instances, both pilots were away from the aircraft controls when the photographs were taken.

That sounds scary! No wonder flyers were not allowed to take pictures or selfies while boarding or alighting from an aircraft.

In fact, six pilots of an Indian airlines had come under the scanner for taking pictures in the cockpit.

The good news is that last week, the DGCA announced removal of restrictions on photography. However, photography from inside an aircraft at Defence aerodromes is still now allowed.

The statement issued by the authority read as follows:

Removal of Restrictions on Photography: Hitherto, air passengers in India faced restrictions on photography at terminal buildings of aerodromes and from inside an aircraft. These restrictions have now been removed. Photography by passengers of scheduled flights in terminal buildings of civil aerodromes and civil enclaves of Defence aerodromes is now allowed. Passengers are now also permitted to take photographs from inside an aircraft while in flight or landing/take off at civil aerodromes. However, photography from inside an aircraft is not permitted at Defence aerodromes.

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In India, photography from an aircraft is prohibited without prior permission from authorities under the Aircraft Rules, 1937. 

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