Nature Lounge : From the Team

Nature Lounge : From the Team

Dear Nature Loungers,

How have you been? I can actually say that it has been a long time since we have written in to you. 

Since you are our family, it is easy to put it out in words out here. Yes, we have been keeping  a low profile, yes, we have been not communicating with you often, yes, we have not been updating the latest products on the website, and yes, we have not been there on social media as often as we should have been.

Has it been plain laziness? Absolutely not. There is nothing coming out of a sense of complacence either. We just decided to stay away from the limelight. 

Now that we are back with a bang, here we are announcing our new avatar. 

I know, you would want to know what was happening behind the curtains all this while. Let me get the cat out of the bag. Our products were being replicated -- cut to pattern, and print-wise -- by more than one player in the market. We have never come out in the open to sling mud at anyone and we shall continue not do that even now. Neither do we doubt the intelligence of our customers. 

The least that we would want to say is, IPR laws in our country do not necessarily provide any advantage to the owner of these rights. However, the laws are not that unjust either. 

The dirtiest game that we have seen in the recent past is, a player replicating our products along with our previous logo. 

I have just one message to such players. We have discontinued all our previous branding. All our products will now have the following new logo. 

It is not just the logo that we have changed. We have changed some of our processes as well to ensure better experience to all of us. 

We have embraced newer technologies in design patterns. I will write in detail about how our designing and this production process have undergone a 360 degree change, thus, helping us pass on the benefit of international quality to you. 

We have also committed to ourselves to reduce the usage of paper in our company by 80% by the end of 2019. We will share the exact numbers with you in the coming weeks. Not just that, we are also working towards reducing carbon footprints. Moreover, as requested by all of you, we are embracing a greener packaging system without causing any damage to the products in transit. 

So, without, much ado, we shall get down to work. 

Yours Wildly

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