Jumanji: Why is it ‘PG-13’ rated and should your kids watch it?

Jumanji: Why is it ‘PG-13’ rated and should your kids watch it?

They borrowed the name from the first Jumanji movie. And, that’s about it. There ends the similarity. 

Rarely do they make movies for wildlife photographers. All we are left with are documentaries. But, do we mind some fiction, some fun and some entertainment? Well, bring it on! 

Here we have Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 2017   that is not a simple board game where with a roll of a dice, there is a jungle explosion! This time, Jumanji is a video game console.

Without revealing the entire story, the teenagers are transported into the world of video game and the movie relies on physical game forms of these teens to build a humorous screen play. The transported and transformed characters are worth a laugh and you certainly take their physical forms back home on a lighter note. 

That said, this 119-minute Sony Pictures release has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America.  Wondering why this rating for a jungle adventure movie?

According to www.commonsensemedia.org, “This time, instead of entering a board  game, the players enter a video game….expect some swearing (mostly "s--t" and "ass"), as well as action violence -- the main characters each die multiple times within the game (but they're regenerated quickly) -- and a couple of jump scares. Characters kiss and flirt awkwardly, and there are several references to dating, experience, and the humor of having a penis (one of the female teens is in a male avatar for most of the movie). There are also references to how girls/women can "distract men" with their attention and body, which doesn't send a great message to girls.”

The audience has pronounced that this movie wraps up a little too early and too neatly. However, the movie has adapted itself to modern times.  

We will leave you behind with this trailer of the movie.

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