Interview: Nitin Naik || Nature Photographer

Interview: Nitin Naik || Nature Photographer

Goa is a photographer’s paradise -- no denying there. But, not many of us know that Goa is a heaven for nature and bird photography as well. Meet Nitin Naik from Goa who travels across the globe for work and comes back with beautiful images of wildlife. 

What interests you more? Wildlife photography or bird photography?

Given a choice, I'd pick wildlife photography but unfortunately, Goa doesn't have too much by way of wildlife. I end up having to travel to faraway places to shoot wildlife, which isn't always possible. But Goa is a birder's paradise.

Do you remember your first nature outing? 

My first wildlife safari after learning how to use a camera was Kabini. I was excited at the opportunity to shoot tigers, leopards and other four-legged creatures from the safety of an open vehicle. Sightings in the wild are never predictable, and we did not see any leopards. However, I did not return empty-handed. I had a brief an exciting encounter with a glorious tigress. I felt as if she literally acknowledged my presence in her territory honouring me with a direct look for a few short seconds - enough to allow me to capture her in my frame. I will treasure this photo forever. 

I'm not brave enough to find out how my family really feels about all my travel.

Do you think one can make a career out of Nature Photography?

If you devote yourself to excelling at what you do, there is no reason you can't make a career out of it. However, the road is long, and it is hard, and unless you have a backup fund, you will need a day job to support yourself while you master your skills.

What do you like to pack in your bag before a photography holiday? 

For wildlife sightings, I carry two camera bodies, one wide-angle lens and two zoom lenses. For non-wildlife holidays, my 50mm and 28mm prime lenses are enough. 

What snacks do you carry with you when on a nature outing? 

When I am on a wildlife safari, I carry some nuts and dry fruits and water. 

Does your family understand your passion and join you on your “wild” vacations? 

My day job and my photography trips make for a lot of travelling, and I'm not brave enough to find out how my family really feels about all my travel. My family accompanies me wherever feasible, but for my “wild” vacations I fly solo as the hours can be very trying for both the photographer and the family.

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Aditya Rao - May 3, 2019

The photographs speak of your love and passion for the art, Nitin.

They are extremely catchy, vibrant and at times seem to come alive. All the best, Nitin. I’d love to someday do this to food!

Subha - May 2, 2019

Continue with your passion Nitin!!!All the best

Medha Lotlikar. - May 2, 2019

Gr8 going Nitin….

Ajay Sawhney - May 2, 2019

You have come a long way
Hard work 😓 has paid off

Satish Dharamsey Pallicha - May 1, 2019

Good to hear few words from you…

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