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Contest: Answer and win Wildlife Photography Gift Hamper from Nature Lounge

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Nature Lounge has partnered with Kaadoo, the amazing wildlife board game. It is indeed interesting and as real as it gets out there in the jungle. You can pick it up at a 15% discount on our website till stocks last.


Now, tell us what does "Kaadoo" mean and in which language? Lucky three winners will get exclusive photography gift hampers from Nature Lounge. Contest results will be announced on July 11th.

And here is a personal letter to all of you from the Chief Creator of Kaadoo, Dinesh Kumble. 

Dear Nature Lounger,

Greetings from Kaadoo !!! 

I am Diinesh Kumble, Chief Creator of Kaadoo - The Big Game and I take great pleasure in writing to you and introducing this wonderful nature and wildlife themed board game.  In a nutshell Kaadoo is: 

  • Essentially your wildlife safari on the go.
  • Inspired by the diversity of wildlife on our planet, it is an an ideal board game for families and friends.
  • It has been conceived by wildlife enthusiasts with the objective of introducing children to the wonders of wildlife through a format that incorporates elements of game science, strategy, observation and cognition.
  • At the same time, the game is uncomplicated enough for a first timer to pick up the rules quickly, thereby encouraging spontaneous bonding.
  • Kaadoo is very child safe and adult friendly. A lot of thought has gone into the choice of materials that are used in the production of the board, the pawns and the dice.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only board game that WWF India is endorsing. This means that the game, the cards and other game components undergo a process of diligence by WWF India's conservation team. The factoids on the cards, the pictures themselves have been approved by WWF India and a portion of the sale proceeds goes to their Conservation Fund. 

As of now, two editions of Kaadoo covering the Nilgiri Biosphere and the East African Savannah are available in the market. The next two editions covering Central India (branded Tiger Trail) and Western India (branded Lions' Bastion) are due for release by July 31st. 12 more editions covering the Arctic, Antarctic, Amazon, Eastern India, Himalayan foothills, Australia, Madagascar. Oceans of the World are due for release before March 2017.  

I am also delighted to announce this partnership between Kaadoo and Nature Lounge whereby we are offering all you nature lovers an exclusive, limited period  15%  off on the product's MRP and free shipping. You can avail this offer by ordering the product on Nature Lounge before July 15th, 2016.

Happy Kaadooing !!!! 

Diinesh Kumble


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