The Fashion of Wildlife

The Fashion of Wildlife

Can you even think of merging fashion and wildlife?

How can pyjamas, dresses and kaftans help white rhinos and Indian tigers? 

Carolina Guedes Cruz shows us how. Carolina has grown up listening to tales of Africa from her mother. Tales of animals, of bravery and nature. She grew up loving wildlife only to attain a great sense of fashion. 

Not many have it in them to allow their passions to work in tandem. Carolina, a Portuguese entrepreneur, however, went on to combine her love for lounge wear and wildlife in the form of KLEED, a brand founded in 2016 in Africa.

Kleed, meaning a robe in Afrikaans language, is inspired by the bright colours and patterns of the African animals. Her career with Nespresso and Alfred Dunhill has contributed towards her design aesthetics. 

Her venture is about sustainable entrepreneurship and giving it back to the planet. It is no surprise that she has decided to dedicate a part of her profits towards the conservation of white Rhinos. 

She has forayed into the Indian markets and has been working with artisans from Jaipur who are helping her curate the Spring/Summer 2019 resort wear. She dedicates the same to Indian Tigers.

Also, Kleed has collaborated with India's Vikas Soni to raise awareness about the royal Bengal tiger. Vikas is the artist of the murals of Bar Palladio.

Carolina is currently looking for stockists in India.  

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