Photography opportunities in India's Rajasthan - Lakshman Sagar

Good photography opportunities are generally found in hinterlands

India wins hands down as one of the most photogenic places in the world. You can head in any direction and there are ample photo opportunities. 

Let us make your job easier and help you with some hidden gems. This time it is the state of Rajasthan. From hills to deserts, from culture to heritage, blues to pinks and days to nights, the state has it all. What is it that is hidden?

This place is equidistant from both Ajmer and Jodhpur--about 120 kilometres. A hunting lodge of an erstwhile Thakur that has been converted into a palace is what we are talking about. It breathes history and exudes warmth and culture of Rajasthan.

Here is what you should be looking at to bring back some amazing photographs.

  • At the entry of the hotel, you will see two structures--one in blue (the mardana quarters for the men) and the other one in pink (the zanana quarters for the women). These stand tall overlooking a beautiful lake. Imagination is yours and the sky is the limit. You can shoot it during the early morning hours for the soft feel or during the night when the property is lit up.

  • The zanana quarter is a tall structure amidst a village that has no towering structures. You know as a photographer that this is the best place to shoot sun rise and sun set. You can check with the staff that is quick to help you with the exact sun rise and sun set timings. Remember to fully charge your equipment for you might end up video-graphing the sun rise or sun set. 
  • Also, on a clear day, the night sky is to die for. The beauty of the place is enhanced with innumerable stars in the sky. Trust us, you would not have seen such a star lit sky ever before in a city. We suggest you can take long exposure shots here. 

  • In fact, from the zanana quarters, you can click pictures of their swimming pool that looks like a crater on the moon. When lit at the night, it is an amazing place for a nice fashion shoot! Of course, do check with the staff for permissions before hand. 
  • If you happen to be an early riser, you could probably check with the hotel that can arrange for a naturalist and all the wildlife and nature photographers out here can enjoy the antelopes, turtles, reptiles and many birds that rarely visit us in the cities. Kingfishers are found in abundance. 
  • There is something for you too if you are more into street photography! How about capturing some street photography of a village? You can dine with the locals, shoot them toil in the fields, check out local markets, making on pakoras, carpets with camel skin, harvesting in the organic farms and what not.
  • Just ask the hotel staff to take you to the nearest rail crossing. And it is a sight to see the local children rejoice at the very sight of a train crossing past their village. For many, the train brings back family members. It is amazing to capture the emotions here. 
  • How can we miss out on what you can do sitting back in your cottage. You have a private pool that over looks the lake. You also have all the traditional Rajasthani artifacts inside the room that is complete with some local games.


If you manage to be here, you should ideally be able to a small documentary on the villagers who depend on this hunting lodge for their livelihood. They have many a tales to tell. You can engage in pottery too. In fact clicking pictures of pottery never goes out of fashion, does it? 


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