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Disposable Hand Towel

Posted by Lavanya Singhal on

Towels are synonymous with our civilization. Understandably, we need these at all times, even when we are travelling, camping, in-transit to office or on way the highway! But they  take too much space and too long to dry.

How we wish, clean towels are always available at the call of duty and then vanish to reappear as fresh ones. Here we introduce to you the disposable hand towel–easy to use, compact, easy to dry and economical than most other similar options.

All you have to do is, expose the disposable hand towel to some clean water (immerse/pour/anything) and within seconds, the compressed disc expands to the size of your hand towel. You can always reuse it a few more times. Why don’t you check out HERE for more details?

Stay tuned for more innovative products from team NatureLounge.

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