L angle bracket camera mount – How to use

So what got us to writing this post? One of our customers innocently asked us today—“What kind of photographers might require these brackets? Fancy kinds?”

Fancy, yes. Those who fancy about getting their horizontal (landscape) as well as vertical (portrait) shots of the same composition correct without much ado.

But I have a very high-end tripod, he protested.

Basically, once your camera is mounted on the tripod, clicking a portrait picture can be a cumbersome task.

How do you orient your camera vertically? Is there any other way apart from flopping your equipment so that the ball head drops into the drop slot? What is frustrating here is that you have lost the focal plane of the subject as well as the frame composition. You can adjust all the settings within a minute. But, a photographer dealing with difficult subjects such as wild animals, super social animals, God-sent kids or macro objects will tell you how many precious opportunities they have lost for the want of a few minutes.

The other problem is that of stability. When the ball head is dropped into the drop slot, the centre of gravity is shifted away from the tripod centre to its side. Now, if you have a heavy camera with a long lens, your tripod might actually tip-off and fall.

Let us introduce the L-Angle Bracket camera mounts to you on this note.

These allow for easy switching between Portrait and Landscape orientations without needing to tilt the ball head or re-leveling the shot. They offer two mounting slots into an Arca Swiss type clamp—a provision for two quick release plates–one on the bottom and the other on the left side.

With the L plates mounted, it takes a few seconds to shift from horizontal orientation to vertical. Loosen the quick release plate clamp, remove the camera from the head, rotate the camera and remount in a different orientation using the other plate. We guarantee, it will take lesser time than you took to read this paragraph!

Hope these brackets take to your fancy now! Check out our product page for a detailed description.

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