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Camera Bean Bag by Nature Lounge

Posted by Lavanya Singhal on

Nature Lounge believes that it is the proud pioneer of high quality Camera Bean Bags in India. The Beanie, in camouflage print, is quite a useful product for the nature/wildlife photographers. The easy-to-use design and sturdy material proves stability in the most demanding conditions.

Each Beanie has two legs with attached handles that make it easy to carry even when filled with beans, pulses, rice or other filling. A padded cushion sits atop these legs and provides a stable and smooth ground to your lens. A strong velcro ensures that the Beanie is in place when strapped to a vehicle door, a rod or any such other place. These bags can be easily refilled. 

It is large enough to hold heavy and large lenses, yet it is compact enough to carry easily. It requires around 6.5  kilos of filling. Most bean bags that can be used for long lenses need at least 12-15 kilos of filling.

The Photography Bean Bag is made in layers of fabric ensuring much more sturdiness and stability. The piped seams ensure that the bean bag does not give away while in the field. At the same time, the double zippered enclosure eliminates worries of any spillage.

So, now you can eliminate shaky and jerky images. Provide support to your camera and lens set up even in places where you can easily fix your tripod or where it is not allowed.

If you are wondering why one would need a Photography Bean Bag, then apart from doubling up as a tripod, it gives you shake-free long exposure shots. You can also set up the camera on it for self portraits on any surface. It is ideal for nature or jungle photography but can also be used for architectural shoots.

As always, the sky is the limit for imagination. You can use it as a pillow rest or as a stool.

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