The Camera I shall not take on my next trip

The Camera I shall not take on my next trip

Be honest: There are many a things you wish you did not have to lug around when on a holiday. I have my own strange reasons...

We women are indeed funny at times. We pack extra outfits for that ‘just in case’ moment. We sneak in that dress which has never fit us till date but expect it to miraculously look good during a holiday. I am guilty of packing extra sanitizers just in case I misplace one. I cannot decide on that one lip gloss shade, so pack the entire lot. The list is endless.

I am certainly not on a self-discovery mode! But then, I stumbled upon this intriguing post on a women-only Facebook forum. One lady popped up a question: “What should I not pack for my next holiday”.

Ah, we can talk on any topic for hours! Isn’t that God’s gift?  

It takes ten women, one Facebook forum, a Sunday and a lot of patience to ferociously debate how carrying toiletries are an unnecessary ‘baggage’. We threw logic out of the window—some of us could be backpackers or medically bound by a particular brand but yes, toiletries were added to the list of “What should I not pack for my next holiday”.

We also touched upon a very touchy topic—books. Why bring books when you are out discovering the world? Do you take books with you and regret bringing them? Have any of you left back a favourite book at the hotel?

Certainly, we are not sans humour. One of us makes it a point not to take her “EX” with her to any of the future trips! Now, isn’t that deep! Leave behind the past baggage and come back afresh! Amen to that though.

Oh yes, I have another confession to make. I actually packed in a pair of heels with me to one of the hill stations. Why? Just in case we have a nice roof top dinner and I get a chance to wear a dress. Yes, I can hear you saying that the dress should also have been left behind! Well, such is life.

Amidst all this, I realised there is something else that I carry with me always and I am going to get rid of this habit right here, right now.

Thanks to my venture on photography accessories in India -- Nature Lounge, I like capturing images just to understand the pain points of a photographer. As such, I enjoy using my eye lens—nature did provide us with the best camera and memory card. Coming back to the main point, I am so enthusiastic about making the best of the trip that I over do certain things.

The last time I was at India’s Corbett National Park, I was actually sitting in the safari vehicle with one DSLR, one GoPro, a binoculars-cum-camera and my mobile camera. It was only when I saw a wildlife photographer in the adjacent jeep that I realised how stupid it comes across as. This gentleman was trying to juggle between a video camera and a DSLR loaded with a super telephoto lens for still images!

I owe it to you sir for showing me the mirror!

Is there anything you do not wish to take on your next trip? Let me know—funnier, the better!

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