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The most photogenic places in Paris

Posted by Lavanya Singhal on

How can you not fall in love with Paris? Your lens will follow your steps..

Paris has it all, gothic architecture and elegance personified. It is a beautiful city, for women love to dress up and walk down the streets in style, men love to match their footsteps and the tourist wants to one among the classy crowd. 

The houses are well decorated, just like in any fairy tale, the shops wear a bright Parisian smile with their beautiful arrangements and centerpieces. 


No doubt then, Paris is indeed a delight for photographers. Settle your eyes on anything--structures, buildings, streets, towers, people, footwear or just the flowers lining the streets. It is a happy city.


Your camera will love all of this provided you are at the right place at the right time. But, what is the right time? None, infact! The Eiffel tower looking towering during the day time and brightens up your mood with the illuminated version at sunset. Just that when we travel, we are short pressed for time. Therefore, it is liberating enough if we can make an informed decision to shoot something during the day time and give the night shot a miss. As long as we know what we want from the shoot, it should be fine. What do you think?


So, let us walk you through some of the best photogenic places in Paris. And you can say merci later!

  • It is the city of lights, so you would love to get some pics of Notre Dame, Tour de Eiffel, Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. In fact, some of the best photos of Paris are in black and white. It is not easy and a bit difficult to show the city of lights in shades of black and white, but what is life sans challenges? 
  • Another tip that most professional photographers vouch by for cities that live, for countries that have a soul, is using wide-angle lenses. Instead of clicking just the monuments, keep some drama in the foreground. And trust humans like us to add enough drama. You would be visibly surprised that you can differentiate a Parisian from a tourist very easily, just by the dressing sense! 
  • We have got some amazing pics of just the footwear. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and it seems as if everyone on the street has worn the most stylish shoes and is participating in a fashion parade. Get some dancing feet, some confident gait, a spring in the walk and see the shoes talk! You get it, right? 
  • It isn't just Madame Mona Lisa, there are so many beautiful museums that take your breath away with just the architecture. Imagine what they might have in store when you take a walk inside.  
  • People walk a lot in Paris and the longer than usual stroll from Arc de Triumph to the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre museum with take you through the most stylish markets, corner eating joints, beer shops, florists, a bridge full of locks and a dream stream with boats cruising. You will see the much-in-love elderly couples walking hand-in-hand. Don't forget to smile back at them though!


Our suggestions:

  • To get the best pics of the Eiffel tower, go to some of the tall buildings in the neighbouhood.
  • Come down to the base of the Eiffel tower and get some majestic pics with the sun rays shining but remember to be there early in the morning before the sun is too bright.
  • Walk down to the nearby pedestrian market called Rue Cler
  • Remember to accommodate the Eiffel tower towards the evening to see the illuminated structure that sparkles every 30 mins. 


We believe that photographer Moran Brenn does an amazing job at clicking Paris. We suggest that you should check out this website for tips

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